Blogging Your Way to Profit!
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If you are someone that has an existing site, establishing and maintaining a blog is going to drastically increase your traffic to that site.  Many blog readers are attracted to a blog site by one, or more, posts on a specific subject.  Once the reader is at that blog post they will more than likely explore other products and services they might not have otherwise shown an interest in.   If there is a link to your previously established traditional site in your blog, chances are readers will visit that site as well which increases its traffic.   This also creates an opportunity for free publicity and advertising.  Many blog readers are often trying to find news and content for their own blog site.  Your existing traditional site might be just what they were looking for.  There have been many times when I have been checking my backlinks and found out that the blog of one of my readers, or past clients, has a link to my blog promoting a certain interesting post or product.   Even if you do not have a specific product to sell, or message to spread, it doesn’t mean that you can’t earn revenue from blogging.  Many profitable blog owners are those who started their blogs to use as a personal diary and began doing little things to earn income.  First adding ads to the blog and then doing other things to capitalize on traffic and make a profit.